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There are different circumstances as to why people want to use our services. Many people find it an overwhelming task to liquidate the contents of a household while dealing with the handling of an estate of a loved one, a relocation, the selling of a home, downsizing, or a family member  moving into an assisted living. Our company can offer you a variety of choices to help make this process easier for you and your loved ones. 
Each  estate and moving sale is custom tailored to the client's needs and treated with priority, sensitivity, and commitment to obtain the best possible results. We go into the client's home and assess what kind of sale is needed, and can arrange for a one or two day sale. Our company will work with you to custom fit a plan that best suits your needs.
All items are tagged and priced by us; whether you choose to have us handle the sale or do it yourself we will be here to help you throughout the process. Some owners hire us to clean out the entire contents of a home while others hire us to just tag the items and do the sale themselves, but unfortunately in many cases they become overwhelmed and call us back to finish the sale for them.
Before taking on the task of what is often emotional and time consuming, give us a call.  We will meet with you in the comfort of your own home to create a plan that works. We advertise in the local paper as well as on We include a link which directs people to a site with the pictures of items for sale in the home.